Qiulian and Tammy have 2400 cards.Tammy has twice as many cards as Quilian.How many cards must Tammy give Quilian so that they have the same number of cards?

Accepted Solution

Answer:400 CardsStep-by-step explanation:Before we find out how many cards Tammy needs to give to Quilian to have the same number of cards, we first need to find how many cards they currently have.Let x = Quilian's CardsLet 2x = Tammy's CardsNow we can use the equation:x + 2x = 2400This represents both Tammy and Quilian's cards together. Now we can solve for Quilian's cards first.x + 2x = 2400[tex]\dfrac{3x}{3}=\dfrac{2400}{3}[/tex][tex]x=800[/tex]Now that we know that Quilian has 800 cards, we can safely assume that Tammy would have:2x = 2(800) = 1600 CardsNow that we know how many cards both of them have we simply need to subtract the number of cards that Tammy has until we reach 1/2 the amount of the total amount.2400 / 2 = 12001600 - 1200 = 400 CardsSo Tammy would have to give Quilian 400 cards to make them have the same number of cards.