Determine which situation could be represented by the system of linear inequalities given below 4x + 5y < 180 x + y > 40On a math test, questions are worth either 4 or 5 points each. The test has 40 questions in all with a maximum score of 180 points.B. A grocery store sells oranges in 4-pound and 5-pound bags. The store sells no more than 180 pounds of oranges in a day, and they want to sell at least 40 bags of oranges each day.C. At a pharmacy, packs of generic cotton balls are sold for $4 each and packs of name brand cotton balls are sold for $5 each. At the start of a day, the pharmacy has 40 packs of cotton balls that will earn a minimum sales revenue of $180.D. A bookstore sells sets of notebooks which contain either 4 or 5 notebooks each. The owner wants to sell at least 40 sets of notebooks each day, which is a minimum of 180 notebooks.

Accepted Solution

Answer:The answer is (B)Step-by-step explanation:It would not be a, the maximum score is 180, so it would be less than or equal to.It is (B), since they need to sell at least 40 bags a day, and max is 180.Hope this helps!