A movie theater earned $3,600 in sold-out ticket sales for the premiere of a new movie. VIP tickets cost $20 per person and regular admission tickets cost $8 per person. If the number of regular admission tickets sold was twice the number of VIP tickets sold, what was the total number of seats in the theater?Select one:A. 225B. 175C. 150D. 300

Accepted Solution

There are 300 seats in the theater.Step-by-step explanation:Given, Cost of one VIP ticket = $20 Cost of one regular ticket = $8 Worth of sold out tickets = $3600Let, x represent the number of VIP tickets sold y represent the number of regular tickets sold 20x+8y=3600     Eqn 1y = 2x                   Eqn 2Putting value of y from Eqn 2 in Eqn 1[tex]20x+8(2x)=3600\\20x+16x=3600\\36x=3600[/tex]Dividing both sides by 36 [tex]\frac{36x}{36}=\frac{3600}{36}\\x=100[/tex]Putting x=100 in Eqn 2 [tex]y=2(100)\\y=200[/tex]Total = x+y = 100+200 = 300 There are 300 seats in the theater.Keywords: linear equation, substitution method Learn more about substitution method at:brainly.com/question/10633485brainly.com/question/10672611#LearnwithBrainly