Photo of Luna toilet cubicles

Luna cubicle suite

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  • stylish translucent acrylic doors - safer than glass
  • slim elliptical aluminium pilaster
  • stainless steel ironmongery
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Applications Toilet cubicles for hotels, executive offices, shopping malls, clubs, restaurants, staff rooms.

10mm translucent acrylic with frosted effect.

Partitions 19mm o/a panel; HP laminate on moisture-resistant particleboard;13mm solid laminate; 10 mm acrylic
Pilasters 130mm elliptical front aluminium profile; satin anodised.
Headrail elliptical aluminium profile; satin anodised.
Foot support options

stainless steel or SA aluminium; 150mm, adjustable.
stainless steel; 100mm or 20mm fixed.

Ironmongery stainless steel with external emergency access
Cistern/urinal ducts as partitions above
Colour options a variety of acrylic colours; wide palette of laminate colours & finishes
Sizes standard: 1960mm o/a high; 150mm floor clearance. Other heights inc. full-height available
Standards laminate panels are durability class D3 to BS 4965:1999: solid laminate panels are class D4. manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 to BLFA code of practice