Walnut-effect laminate Burj

Burj toilet cubicles

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Applications toilet cubicles for hotels, executive offices, shopping malls, leisure clubs, restaurants, airports
Design standards A bespoke cubicle, Burj has many manifestations. Typical specifications are given below but all details are negotiable
Doors 38mm o/a; lightweight core with rebate hardwood edge; approx 25mm undercut on door
Partitions 19mm HP laminate on particleboard core; 50 / 60mm lightweight core; hung-panel system
Pilasters 38mm o/a; core with rebate hardwood edge; set approx 25mm above floor & below ceiling
Head detail 50mm aluminium channel extrusion; bright anodised with laminate trim infill (stainless steel infill option)
Base support options 50mm high aluminium extrusions; bright anodised with laminate trim infill (stainless steel infill option)
Ironmongery stainless steel indicator bolt with external emergency access: face-mounted spring-loaded hinges; tubular coat hook. Stainless steel rising-butt hinges optional
Cistern/urinal ducts 19mm o/a. In a wide choice of finishes.
Colour options wide choice of colours & finishes
Sustainability PEFC option available to ensure Chain of Custody for timber procurement
Sizes floor-to-ceiling: max height 2600 / 2700mm depending upon materials selected
Standards manufactured under ISO 9001:2008 & to BLFA code of practice