Photo of Cascade lockers

Cascade lockers and bespoke benches

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Gym changing room…

  • Compact laminate lockers, post-formed benches, toilet cubicles, vanity tops.
  • Trespa solid laminate.
  • Attractive post-formed heated benches.
  • Water & vandal resistant lockers.
  • Stratum toilet cubicles.
  • Download Project case study (pdf)


Lockers Cascade lockers with aluminium frames and solid laminate body. Shleves slotted to allow flow of heated air through the lockers. Uplighters mounted on top of locker & protected by cylindrical stainless steel cage
Benches post-formed solid laminate tops mounted on perforated stainless steel sheet
Toilet Cubicles Stratum flush-front solid laminate toilet cubicles
Vanity Tops post-formed solid laminate tops